Professional Supervision

Professional supervision is a workforce development strategy that can contribute to higher quality service outcomes for service users, improve practitioner skills and inform and consolidate training and development. It contributes to employees having a positive employment experience through which they are appropriately engaged in their job, their team, their profession and their organisation.

The supervision engagement also contributes to employee well-being and reduces incidents of burnout. It is vital to the development of Social Care Workers to assist the practitioner to work through issues, make sense of their work and alleviate feelings of stress. It is not always offered in the workplace and so practitioners can reach out to external sources for this.

How do I get Professional Supervision externally?
Get in touch by phone or email or book a free call with Audrey. You will be sent a supervision form to be completed and returned prior to your supervision session to get to know you and your work better. The conversation is based around your work and reflections.

Group Supervision

The benefits of group supervision include team cohesion, peer feedback, shared learning and a reduction in feelings of isolation among individuals. Group supervision in social care can be a valuable addition to a framework of supports available to staff working service users who have experienced trauma, to reduce the impacts of compassion fatigue and secondary trauma which can lead to burnout, therefore increasing the effectiveness of staff and reducing employee turnover.

Social Care Workers...

If you are becoming disheartened in your job, feel unsure if you are doing the right thing or unable to process everything that happens on shift, you may need some supervision.

If you are carrying thoughts of work home, having them interrupt time with loved ones, or feel uncomfortable being truly honest with your supervisor about your work and how you're feeling, you may need supervision

Perhaps you feel like you are making little progress professionally despite working long hours, or you're questioning whether social care work is right for you, you may need supervision.

Help is available

I offer good quality professional supervision that is confidential and independent of your workplace.

I will assist you to critically reflect on your own professional practice and role. I will help you to improve your practice, engage better with co-workers and increase your well being by reducing stress and preventing burnout.

One hour professional supervision investment is €75. Some organisations contribute towards the cost of independent professional supervision. Speak to our consultant about a value package if you're interested in booking regular supervision.

How it works

Get in touch

We can chat about your professional needs and see if we could be a good fit to work together

Complete paperwork

You complete a short form outlining strengths and areas for improvement. Terms of service are agreed

Book a time and place to meet

We organise a time a location that is suitable for both to meet.

Good quality professional supervision can help Social Care Workers have a positive employment experience. It not only helps you to be appropriately engaged with your role, your co-workers, your profession and your organisation but it contributes to your well being and can reduce incidents of burnout*.
*HSE/Public Health Sector Guidance Document on Supervision for Health and Social Care Professionals; Improving Performance and Supporting Employees

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