Services offered by Trust Social Care Consultancy


Professional Supervision

Our core service is professional supervision for individuals and groups in the social care sector. Audrey works with front line social care practitioners, supervisors and managers in one-on-one and group settings, providing good quality professional supervision which strikes a balance between the functions of support, development and quality, benefiting the worker and the organisation.

Registration Information

Social care is witnessing an important phase of our professioanlisation with the opening of the Social Care Workers Register with CORU. Recognition of the important work we do is being welcomed across the sector, however, it can also bring trepidation and anxiety. Audrey has been delivering presentations to those working in organisations on the registration process, demystifying registration and clarifying the process for many.

Professional Mentoring

Audrey utilises her extensive experience and knowledge of the social care sector to help other practitioners to elevate their own practice. Mentoring can assist social care practitioners to develop skills and reach their goals in a safe non-judgemental manner. Whether you want to get into management or upskill in a particular area, Audrey can help you.


With decades of experience training and lecturing, Audrey is available to deliver training in a range of areas relating to Social Care Practice. 

Disability Consultation

Audrey's experience in the social care sector, particularly the disability sector, means she has the expertise to assist with various issues such as reasonable accommodations, applications for support and more, get in touch to see if I can assist you.

Ad-hoc Services

Audrey is available for ad-hoc services to organisations engaged in social care practice

Audrey Moore Consultant at Trust Social Care Consultancy

Trust Consultancy is run by Audrey Moore for the support and development of Social Care Workers.



All social care workers feel supported in their roles so that they can develop their skills to make them the best social care workers possible for the benefit of those they serve.


Mission Statement

Trust Social Care Consultancy will support and assist with the development of Social Care Workers by providing supervision, mentoring and training because supported and knowledgeable Social Care Workers provide higher quality services and have more positive interactions with the vulnerable people they serve

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