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Audrey Moore Consultant at Trust Social Care Consultancy

Trust Consultancy is for the support and development of Social Care Workers.



All social care workers feel supported in their roles so that they can develop their skills to make them the best social care workers possible for the benefit of those they serve.


Mission Statement

Trust Social Care Consultancy will support and assist with the development of Social Care Workers by providing supervision, mentoring and training because supported and knowledgeable Social Care Workers provide higher quality services and have more positive interactions with the vulnerable people they serve

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Services offered by Trust Social Care Consultancy


Enjoy a day away from the demands of your job, in the company of like minded people, refreshing your coping and stress management skills.

Professional Supervision

Independent, confidential, professional supervision to critically reflect on your professional practice in social care


Confidential mentoring for social care workers, supervisors and managers related to many areas of social care practice and management.


Our consultant is available to deliver training in a range of areas relating to Social Care Practice. Currently delivering training in the area of registration

Ad-hoc Services

Our consultant is available for ad-hoc services to organisations engaged in social care practice

Disability Consultation

Many businesses seek expertise relating to disability.