Audrey Moore, Social Care Consultant

Audrey Moore - Consultant

For the past 22+ years, I have worked in the social care sector in special care and disability services up to management level. I have seen a lot of change during this time and was at the coalface during the introduction of regulation of residential services, leading organisational change and regulatory compliance in a large community residential service. 

My commitment to the professional development of those working in social care motivated me to create Trust Social Care Consultancy for the support and development of all working in social care services.

My Credentials

My qualifications include a BSc in Psychology, a BA in Social Care Practice and most recently a MA in Social Care Leadership and Management.
In addition to my consultancy work, I am a part time lecturer and academic tutor on the Applied Social Care undergraduate programme in TUDublin and hold a directorship with Newgrove Housing Association, part of Rehab Group. I am also a contributing author of The Guide to the Standards of Proficiency ebook and the most recent social care textbook: Social Care Work: An introduction for students in Ireland.
In my spare time, I am an active volunteer with the Irish Red Cross as a peer supporter and coordinator of the national Psychological First Aid programme.

Who do I work with?

I work with a variety of organisations and individuals across the social care sector providing mentoring, training, mentoring and professional supervision on a 1:1 and group basis. I love hearing about the work that happens and supporting people with their learning and development in the sector. Thus far, my clients have been working in disability, residential, domestic abuse, advocacy, aftercare and family support organisations.

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