What is Mentoring?

A mentor can provide you with motivation, guidance, support and role modeling as well as information from their own career journey. A mentor in your field of work may assist with meeting challenges, setting goals, identifying resources,  exploring careers, and developing contacts (Bryson, 2022) 

Individual Mentoring

Working in social care....

Mentoring is suitable regardless of your level or length of service.

Are you ever feel confused about your job or career options?
Not sure you're in the right job but unsure what else is out there?
Do you have ambitions beyond what you're doing now but unsure how to progress?
Or perhaps you've just landed your dream job but feel like an impostor?
Do you need a little extra guidance in a specific area such as:

  • CV and interview preparation
  • Growing or rebuilding your confidence in Social Care
  • Preparing for inspections
  • Managing a team
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Regulations awareness
  • Risk management

I can help you!

I provide confidential 1:1 mentoring in many areas of social care practice and management.

I help Social Care Workers to gain clarity around their future career or to fill in the gaps in their skills.

I offer confidential 1:1 mentoring in person or online that is flexible to your needs.

Book a free 15 minute call with me to see if I can help you.